Next Steps

It was great to touch base with those of you who were free today. For those of you who couldn’t make it, we generated a list of possible topics to explore together, including:

  • how we have used technology in our classrooms – successes and failures and things we know now that we wish we knew then
  • the relationship between technology and learning
  • the relationship between technology and participation
  • disciplinary views/uses of technology – maybe a set of readings?
  • using technology to produce, measure and analyze data – both programs for and conceptual/theoretical implications of
  • how to teach students to use tech
  • navigating learning management systems for course construction
  • supporting each other through the GTC+ certificate process
  • strategies for collaboration  with peers and across institutions
  • Michigan resources for technology
  • analyzing platforms for pedagogical “fit”
  • learning about Letech for dissertation formatting
  • programs for archiving your graduate career
  • analog technologies and when they are he better choice
So! Lots of ideas!
Our next Meeting is at Ashley’s on February 25th, where we will plan for a teaching with tech show-and-tell on March 21st and sort out the logistics of Jonathan Alexander‘s visit. We have room to invite 3 graduate students to have dinner with him after his talk on March 10, so let us know if you are interested.

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